Zara business level strategy

However, since effective stakeholder management implies the prioritisation of some stakeholders over others Mitchell et al. Lastly, it became obvious that experience gained through interaction with stakeholders cannot be substituted by desk research. It turned out to be very difficult, in fact impossible in most cases, to identify a certain individual as a stakeholder as opposed to a group of individuals or an entire organisation, both of which are probably much more difficult to manage, as well as any informal relationships, which may not even be publicly known. Thus, it is obvious that the creation of suitable organisational circumstances for key employees, e.

Zara business level strategy

Critically evaluate the strategic options available to Zara. Strategy refers to top management plans to attain outcomes consistent with the organisations mission and goals. One can look at strategy from three vantage points: Every organisation exists within a complex network of environmental forces.

All firms are affected by political, legal, economical, technological, and social systems and trends. Together, these elements comprise the macro environment of business trends because these forces are so dynamic; their constant change presents a myriad of opportunities and threads or constraints to strategic managers.

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The macro environment of the retail industry will be discussed below. A major trade issue is the Republic of China who flooded the US and EU markets with cheap products due to the end of a world trade agreement.

If further restraining action is not imposed Zara may face further price competition as other retailers outsource more of their production to china.

The removal of protectionist trade barriers in China has allowed Zara to carry out its expansion strategy into Asia easily. A number of major fashion designers have agreed in order to promote healthy body images, promising not to use clothes smaller than a size 38 which is a UK 10 in window displays.

Also involves the planning regulations for building and buying new outlets which requires retail spaces and public spending decisions.

Economic forces also have a significant impact on business operations. It focuses on the impact of growth or decline in gross national product and increases or decreases in interest rates, inflation, and the value of the pound.

Zara business level strategy

However this represents a slowing down of annual growth and with operating costs and the cost of credit set to rise, The retail sector faces challenging times. But the global economic downturn, tight credit saw the country slide into recession in the back half ofwhich resulted in one of the lowest quarter-on-quarter growth rates since the last recession in the early 90s.

This resulted with people with less spending power which effected on the sales in retail.

Zara business level strategy

Those circumstances might benefit the cheap fashion sector. Less money will be spend on designer clothes as well as accessorises.

These changed present both opportunities and threats or constraints to strategic managers. The gross national product GNP of economic growth for the retail industry has a moderate and consistent growth GNP generally produces a healthy economy in which business find increasing, demand for their outputs because of raising consumer expenditure.

Currency exchange rates, however, can also be affected by international economic conditions. The increase in interest rates and unemployment has ade a steady retail sales growth. Unemployment has climbed consistently since mid, reaching 7.

There has been an increase in mortgage payments as the Bank of England has recently increased the base rate to 5.

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Most importantly this has an effect on cash outflow, meaning consumers have less to spend on clothes this may leave to a decrease in sales for retailer. The value for the retailing industry has increased, leading to falling prices; die to the immense competition from low prices producers and retailers.Uber is a multi-sided technology platform.

A technology platform is a technology foundation upon which users, customers, organizations, or other entities can interact or exchange value by collaborating, complementing, or transacting with one another. INTERNATIONALISATION OF SPANISH FASHION BRAND ZARA differentiates Zara´s business model from that of its competitors is the turnaround In line with the multi-brand strategy `Zara´ was created in , `Pull & Bear´ in , `Kiddy´s Class´ in , `Bershka´ in .

Business Level Strategy – Cost Leadership In order to achieve low costs but maintain high fashion, Zara imitates the latest haute couture designs and makes similar clothing with less expensive fabric (Ferdows, Lewis, & Machuca, ). Of course, teens like Leticia Sáez Viadero, a third-year student at the Colegio San Agustin secondary school in Santander, Spain, are fans of Zara less for its business strategy and more for its fashion appeal.

Strategy&, the strategy consulting business of PwC, has been studying the relationship between strategy and execution for years. We have found that the most iconic enterprises — companies such as Apple, Amazon, Danaher, IKEA, Starbucks, and the Chinese appliance manufacturer Haier, all of which compete successfully time after time — are exceptionally coherent.

Integrating Global Supply and Marketing Chains Global Strategy and Organization. Donald Lessard • How well do the various elements of Zara’s business model “travel globally”?

• Why might Zara “fail”? the global level.

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