Vhs editing service

Videotape is a linear system of storing information. All of these systems failed to capture the market and never became popular. VHS won out due to its many advantages including, the ability to rewind and fast forward at quicker rate, the unthreading system, and more importantly its longer recording time.

Vhs editing service

VHS and other magnetic video tapes are extremely sensitive and have a very limited lifespan. Videotapes break easily and even when stored properly, degradation can be seen in as little as 5 years. Exposure to sunlight, dust and moisture also contribute to loss of video tape quality. Even finding a working VCR to play your home videos can be next to impossible these days.

vhs editing service

Our skilled video technicians process each tape from beginning to end making sure every moment is captured and preserved in its original glory.

Not only that, Smooth Photo Scanning Services goes above and beyond the average video transfer vhs editing service.


We carefully clean each and every videotape that comes in prior to converting. This ensures that accumulated dust and dirt particles that degrade picture quality are removed.

We utilize TBC time based correction and video filtering technology to eliminate jitter, stabilize playback errors, and enhance picture quality.

Included in our service is the removal of blank space at the beginning and end of each video transferred. Video clips from multiple tapes can be combined to a single DVD up to 4 hours, creating custom labelled chapters by tape. This consolidates space and makes your viewing experience more convenient and enjoyable.

We offer many video conversion options in order to best suit your needs.

Let us consolidate your VHS and camcorder video tapes to DVD Today!

DVDs are very convenient for viewing your captured memories on a television or computer. However the video files can only be taken off the discs using specialized software, making editing, emailing and uploading to the internet difficult. They also require you to have a DVD player.

Converting your videotapes to digital files will give you much more flexibility. Digital video files can be stored on a flash drive, hard drive, computer, device or cloud.

They can also be edited, emailed, copied, uploaded and more. As a standard, we convert VHS tapes and camcorder tapes to H. Generally the range from 2 hours to 6 hours worth of video content; the longer the video, the lower the image quality.

Both look virtually the same as 8mm, only the quality of video and audio is vastly improved. Mini DV Mini DV camcorder tapes use digital technology to capture higher quality video and audio on dense video cassette.

I surprised my wife with a birthday present of several tapes that Smooth Photo Scanning converted to digital files. My wife was thrilled. We began watching these events and thoroughly enjoyed them with both laughter and tears.

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We even rounded up more for a second file conversion.EDITING Ever since the early days of Advanced Media, we always offered editing services as part of our menu. Just like a wedding photography service that. VHS to DVD/Digital | Video Transfer Service.

vhs editing service

Convert and Transfer VHS to DVD. However the video files can only be taken off the discs using specialized software, making editing, emailing and uploading to the internet difficult. They also require you to have a DVD player. The VHS cassette is a mm wide, mm deep, 25 mm thick (7 3 ⁄ 8 × 4 1 ⁄ 16 × 1 inch) plastic shell held together with five Phillips head screws.

The flip-up cover that protects the tape has a built-in latch with a push-in toggle on the right side (bottom view image). Converting VHS Tapes to DVD: A First-Hand Experience. By Kate Kliner | Updated 3 years ago. VHS tape.

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A professional company can edit out blank or damaged sections, but they wouldn’t be able to do personalized editing, without additional effort and expense. Customer Service or Shipping Free Expedited. VHS to DVD transfers and conversions in our north Dallas studio are processed by Action Video Service on a daily basis.

We offer video tape to DVD transfers, DVD & CD duplication, photo to video slideshow presentations, 8mm & 16mm home movie film transfers and conversion of PAL & .

Home movie conversion to DVD - Vintage VHS. VintageVHS video conversion preserves your recorded memories by converting your home videos into ph-vs.com quality of the older video formats (reel and tape) deteriorates with time. Memories on older video formats are waiting to be salvaged.

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