Tricia smith vaughans not homeschooling whats

Rascon 1 Kimberly Rascon Prof. Critical Response With today's ever changing economy and growing technological advances, it is no wonder thousands of adults are hitting the books again in order to keep up. Modern society is constantly growing and changing all around us, every single day.

Tricia smith vaughans not homeschooling whats

July 30, NewsWithViews. I remember questions from other moms about what I was going to do regarding preschool when my oldest son was a baby.

Tricia smith vaughans not homeschooling whats

And this feeling, strange as it would seem to our pre-twentieth-century ancestors, is exactly what the Preschool-for-All Act advocates desire. How do these Hollywood sitcom stars help us make educational decisions?

Or more to the point, why do they sell us on such silly ideas? Many suburban moms spend all night writing essays so that their precious son or daughter can attend the right private kindergarten.

I even know of parents who waited to divorce until after their daughter was accepted, just in case those who decide admission would worry that a divorce may Tricia smith vaughans not homeschooling whats their daughter less than acceptable preschool material.

My firstborn son, now four, was two at the time and I was at the end of my proverbial mommy rope one day; the only way I thought I could cope with life was to dump my child in school a couple of days each week.

The school looked like a page out of Architectural Digest and it even had a chicken that the students helped to care for. A chicken! I could teach my child how to count and recite the alphabet, but we had no chickens.

Was I depriving him? I never did turn in the application, but even now, as he prepares for our homeschool kindergarten, there are moments in which I question my decision, especially after viewing the pro-preschool commercials and feeling as though I have doomed my child because I want him to learn from me.

And perhaps placing him in one of those toney classes once a week or so would have done him no harm; after all, we still have no chicken. What happens when we have Preschool for All?

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Diane Flynn Keith, who produces the well-written and insightful www. The curriculum standards proposed require accountability as well. What are they going to do? Put a No. Will his failure to perform adequately on the preschool test result in a designation of "special needs" and banishment to remedial nursery school?

The perceptive reader can already feel the ever-reaching tentacles of the pharmaceutical industry reaching into every crevice of this utopian plan.

Diane Flynn Keith notes: When [the student] acts out due to the sheer boredom of learning the letter of the week and the insanity of not being able to indulge his natural curiosity, engage in copious amounts of imaginative play, explore his environment and the bounty of life indoors and outdoors with the people who love him the most, ask millions of questions to get information about how the world works, and be allowed to develop at his own pace in his own time -- will he be drugged into passive compliance and obedience so he'll sit quietly at his desk, hands folded, feet flat on the floor, trying to steal a glimpse of the outside world under the teacher's harsh glare?

I'm sorry, but that's a toxic prescription for preschoolers. Toxic indeed! No thanks! Does anyone remember that children used to do quite well without preschool?

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Fifty years ago, most parents felt as though their child learned just fine from them until first grade. With the mass preschool hysteria that we have been reading about in the last few years, however, parents feel unqualified to take care of their own young children.

Fortunately, my opinion changed drastically after I gave birth. No expert could know more about the child I helped to create than his father and I. But this crazy mentality, in which the supposed experts know more than parents, helps us to suffer through bouts of mommy guilt while we go to work and leave our children in a daycare center.

And then, of course, we appease our guilt by sending our child to something called preschool when he or she is 3, or 2, or sometimes even younger. Somehow we feel good about separating ourselves from our children, or we pretend to feel good. So we separate.

And the so-called childhood experts, who depend on this craziness to pay their mortgage, cheer us on. Who cares if Universal Preschool in Georgia has not shown significant results, despite the taxpayer money spent on it?

Who cares if Rob Reiner and his ilk have misrepresented Head Start statistics to make it seem as if all this early schooling of all children is essential for success in later life? If Reiner wins enough souls and this bill becomes law, we can eventually kiss our children goodbye when they are three, or even two years old, and hand them over to government schools.

Or we can pay lots of money to send them to a private school, which will probably be receiving federal funds and going along with federally-funded mandates. But how long will this program be voluntary? Presently, some people are working to lower the compulsory school age so that children under six must attend school.Who We Are.

Virginia Home for Boys and Girls (VHBG) is a nonprofit organization that has been serving children in crisis since Nearly 50% of VHBG’s budget is supported by philanthropic dollars and community volunteers play a critical role in supporting the organization’s needs. Apr 29,  · Not to bash Christian schools in particular, I just want to comment that I've seen the same thing in the homeschooling community.

Our heads can't be in the sand. We as parents are responsible for protecting our children from the wolves, and equipping them in the fight that's sure to come. Tricia smith vaughans not homeschooling whats your excuse a critical response; An analysis of the history of abortion; Leonidas leadership skills; Arctic wolf and dingo comparative essay; An analysis of defining humanness; Comparing othello and the great gatsby essay; Questions on international law; Hrm in the 21st century.

Mar 25,  · “Not Homeschooling?What’s Your Excuse?”Summary This is an article written by Tricia Smith Vaughan. She argues that homeschooling is a better education option than traditional public schools. In this article she states facts that she has from various sources in one paragraph she gets from fellow journalist Gatto, he says that the public schools were set up in a way to dumb our .

Homeschooling is one on one attention, and in most cases is bad since parents are the only teacher’s it is easier to just do their child’s work for them if they do not understand it.

One on one attention is only good if you have a child that has special needs and needs more time learning. Tricia Smith Vaughan’s “Not Homeschooling? What’s Your Excuse?” a Critical Response. Should public, or government, schooling be avoided? In the essay No Home-schooling Vaughn Argues that Homeschooling is the best schooling for children and that government schooling should be avoided.

Parents put forth the excuse that they are not smart.

Tricia Smith Vaughan -- Destroying Families That Work