The weather and setting in the novel wuthering heights by emily bronte

Chekhov was a master of the short story.

The weather and setting in the novel wuthering heights by emily bronte

This category of images is closely linked with the elements. See Imagery and symbolism: Location The location in which the story takes place is vital to the novel. The moors provide a small stage on which the events are acted out.

When characters leave the area, it is as if they have gone offstage - we are no longer aware of them.

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Incidentally, when they return they tend to be changed in some way. The isolation and strangeness of the setting is, of course, another Gothic feature. There appears to be no option for characters other than dwelling with the intense and inhospitable occupants of the Heights.

Weather The fierce weather is closely linked to the landscape. The weather therefore creates the atmosphere of the novel and reflects the moods and attitudes of the characters. It also affects the plot, such as when Lockwood is trapped at Wuthering Heights by the snow, or the rain which causes characters to become ill, such as Catherine Chapter 9 and later Nelly Chapter Thrushcross Grange The controlled landscape of the Grange and its park is contrasted with the moors around Wuthering Heights.

When Heathcliff and Catherine first look into Thrushcross Grange they see Edgar and Isabella squabbling; this is a petty argument compared with the bigger emotions of the watchers, but does not suggest peace and calm.

Later, the park is also shown to be inadequate to meet the needs of Cathy, who longs for a larger canvas on which to expand her life. The artificial restraint imposed by the walls actually endangers Cathy because it excludes her at critical points.

Ultimately it is perhaps the organised garden that Cathy and Hareton create at the Heights, combined with their freedom to roam beyond it onto the moors, which seems a more promising symbol. It speaks of a harmonious environment, which seeks neither to imprison the Heights nor exclude the Grange.

This harmony is echoed by the mellowing of the graves of Catherine and her suitors, all mortal passion spent. A style of fiction evoking mystery and terror. Connected with or characteristic of the Middle Ages.

The weather and setting in the novel wuthering heights by emily bronte

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The two main sites of action, Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, are opposed in many ways: Wuthering Heights is dark and cold, located on a hill high above the more bright and inviting Thrushcross Grange, which is situated in the valley below.

What’s It About? (Description from Goodreads). Lockwood, the new tenant of Thrushcross Grange, situated on the bleak Yorkshire moors, is forced to seek shelter one night at Wuthering Heights, the home of his landlord.

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