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AgileModeling Objects have both behavior and state or, in other words, they do things and they know things. Some objects do and know more things, or at least more complicated things, than other objects.

Seminar 2

The three heavens So, Genesis chapter 1 says: Some people say it must be the dirt, you know, because the dirt keeps the water away from the water.

Read down, in verse 20, and it says: The birds do not fly in the dirt, ok. The birds fly in the air. The Scripture interprets itself.

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The second heaven is where the sun, moon, and stars are. The third heaven is only mentioned once in the Bible, right here in II Corinthians chapter 12 v.

The Apostle Paul is telling the story about the time he got rocked to sleep, I mean, Seminar 2 to death, and he said he was caught up to the third heaven. Three heavens, mentioned in the Bible: The first heaven, where the birds fly; Second heaven, where the stars are; Third heaven, where God lives.

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Lutherans take off first, pheww Then He divides it up into three slices, first heaven, second heaven, third heaven. The Bible says the Lord sits on many waters. Maybe this whole thing that we see, this huge universe with all these bazillions of stars. Maybe the whole thing is surrounded by water.

That you pick up and you shake once in a while, you know, and the snowflakes float around, you know.

But Isaiah tells us: Christians have never taught the earth is flat. Some heathens have believed that and tried to blame it on the Christians.

The Bible says God made the earth first, and then the stars. So the question is, How did the stars get from here to there?

Not how did the light get from there to here? We cover more on that on video 7.

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But He stretched out the heavens. There used to be a 7th layer. It was a layer of water or ice above the atmosphere. All we can do is make a theory about it.

This is called the Canopy theory, which says there was a layer of water or ice, probably ice, above the atmosphere. I happen to believe it was probably 10 or 20 inches of ice, super-cold ice, suspended by the magnetic field. You know how a magnet can float on top of another magnet?

We cover more on that on video 6. But the earth could have had a canopy of ice suspended in the magnetic field, which would float it above the earth. This ice or water would block out UV light, some of it; it would increase air pressure.

Today the air is about a hundred miles thick. It would squeeze it all down probably to 10 or 20 miles and double the air pressure on the surface. And the ice clouds float to the North and South Pole and hover there about 50 miles above the arctic. Ice clouds that are floating!

Seminar 2

But, article about that here.Seminar 2. SEMINAR NO.

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Seminar 2
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