Diets and propaganda essay example

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Diets and propaganda essay example

Diets and propaganda essay example

Although Napoleon accomplished several challenges in Europe, he also enforced his rule on the Europeans. Beginning, with the Spanish, Napoleon conquered them and forcefully reduced the number of convents and religious involvement in Spain Doc 5. Not only did he enact certain despotic policies, he also created a dynasty all over Europe.

He did this by strategically placing family members in power of enquired nations to suppress dissent and to maintain Napoleonic rule.

In order for France and the rest of Europe to run properly, Napoleon believed there had to be hereditary power Doc 6.

In many aspects Napoleon was simply just a military despot Doc 2. He, on some occasions, began war without any reason at all, specifically with the Russians. He was clearly Just power-hungry and looking to better himself, not France. He always portrayed himself as this magnificent ruler, but on the inside, he was no better than Louis XIV Doc 9.

Being self-conscious of his height, Napoleon always had to be seen as taller and as a powerful Diets and propaganda essay example Doc 8. He was not looking out for France In the least bit but rather for himself.

Although Napoleon may have had a strong army, he got too involved with fighting and essentially began to fight all of Europe at once. To maintain the balance of power, multiple coalitions were formed against him, but he continued to pursue his policy of military aggressiveness.

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His own diminishing France back to its borders of A true son of the French Revolution would have concerned himself with ensuring the prosperity of the French, not be concerned with expanding an empire, thereby supporting the position the Napoleon is more accurately described and depicted as a dictator than as a son of the Revolution.

Many of the civil and domestic liberties that the revolution had promised were swiftly taken away once Napoleon was in power. Although women had few rights before Napoleon, they had even fewer while he was in power.

They occupied marital, mommies, and maternal spaces in society and could not act freely or independently Doc 3.

Napoleon also used propaganda throughout France to establish his dictatorship. He made the people think he was supporting the church and that only he could properly rule France. He also used propaganda to make people believe other opinions were wrong and that those who opposed him should ii Doc Napoleon said that those who disagree should be prosecuted for their opinion Doc His greatest tool of all to ensure the throne was the creation of plebiscites.

These were votes castes by French people which would give them the option for a new ruler or to continue to have Napoleon.

Many people feared to vote against Napoleon due to the consequences of dissent. Whether through covert acts such as that or overt acts such as his inquisitions, Napoleon made it clear that those who stood opposed to his would meet an unfortunate demise, thereby proving to be ore of a dictator than son of the Revolution.

Napoleon also made sure to suppress any form of internal dissent among his people.

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He began by simply suppressing the most actively opposed minorities and moved from there Doc 1. He also suppressed women by destroying all liberal revolutionary groups formed Doc 3. He instilled fear among the people in order to ensure peace. He used propaganda once again to make some people believe that anyone against his ideas should be sent to eternal damnation Doc 7.

Napoleon even rid any and all signs of uprisings. Spain became a major example of this process Doc He also issued the use of a secret police to do his bidding without involvement of the law.

He took out his major competition, the Jacobin, quickly and quietly to maintain uninterrupted power. His power led too corrupt France and a new beginning.

Diets and propaganda essay example

As demonstrated through his constant and continuous effort to suppress enemies to his reign, Napoleon clearly showed himself not to be a son of the Revolution but rather a Dictator hell-bent on preserving his reign.

Although his appearance led many to believe he was all for the revolution, Napoleon was a dictator. He took power for himself, rejected it for others, used propaganda, and dominated Europe. Absolutely no truth or facts. Napoleon may have once been or at least appeared to be a son of the revolution but he was undoubtedly during his reign a dictator at heart.

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