Corporate social responsibility in multinational corporations commerce essay

Such function includes capacity edifice, employment chances and the transportation of engineering Ite, Corporate Social Responsibility is a construct that has created planetary consciousness.

Corporate social responsibility in multinational corporations commerce essay

WhatsApp Multinational corporations MNCs have a pivotal role to play in promoting well-being and equity in our society. We are familiar with the concept of donating money, building schools, or planting trees in front of the cameramen of the influential media.

Those days are gone. There is a lot to explore and be creative when it comes to CSR. CSR has tended to deal with a handful of common social issues, while marginalizing other challenges.

Corporate social responsibility in multinational corporations commerce essay

A notable omission in the CSR debate is the role of business in contributing to global poverty. There is, in fact, a tendency to view poverty as an individual and a local problem, and marginality as a residual effect that businesses can attempt to mitigate.

Corporate social responsibility in multinational corporations commerce essay

My main argument is that most MNCs fail to deliver the long-term prospect to eliminate poverty in the host countries. Those who can deliver and keep their promises will be positively responded by the locals. From the series of interview with various stakeholders in the Pijit province where the mine is located, I found that poverty eradication was not a direct CSR objective of the organisation.

However, most of their CSR activities seem to focus on long-term benefits of economic and well-being development, which will indirectly improve the condition of poverty in the area.

Apart from supporting the community through social and cultural activities, their CSR strategies seem to focus on 1 income generation and 2 sustain educational development. The income generation scheme has been implemented in conjunction with the local council in Pijit.

Villagers were contacted by the company CSR team to participate in this scheme. The next step is to provide options for their potential career.

Some villagers chose to join the pig farms project and some chose to join the agricultural demonstration project.

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With the ongoing technical and financial supports from the company, villagers started to see the positive roles of the organisation. Obviously, the long-term plan and responsibilities from this organisation are key for success. After a series of interview with their CSR team in Thailand, I have noticed similar pattern to the previous case.

Although they do not perceive poverty as a direct threat, they have been working on this issue indirectly. Most of their CSR activities focus on long-term education development. The organisation promotes various activities such as ongoing donation to various libraries in rural schools, creating educational schemes that support the work of science teachers and students in rural Thailand, and promoting career in science and technology with people from low socio-economic background.

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SIEMENS understands that, as an MNCs, it is important for them to work through the mechanism of the local government to achieve long-term skill development to eradicate poverty in the country. Corporate engagement requires time and resources from their headquarters.

However, engagement with the locals is compelling. As suggested by the United Nations, we can end poverty byMNCs in developing nations must work together with the local governments to make this issue a reality.

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Aim of the social responsibility of companies is to educate and trained the human capital, to turn a social problem into economic opportunity and economic benefit, into productive capacity, into human. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an increasingly essential element in the business world.

The first impression many people have towards corporations is that businesses. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business imperative for 21st-century firms and multinational corporations.

CSR establishes that corporations have dual objectives of securing profits and mediating social issues. This thesis explores what CSR is, what drives it, how and why corporations.

Multinational Corporations (MNCs) therefore has a major role to play through CSR initiatives, focusing on the development of a developing economy such as Nigeria. However, for many MNCs, ”CSR is an outcome of public pressure arising from their operations in developing countries in relation to human right, environmental pollution and labour issues.

Now, in the new century, the inquiry into social responsibility of large corporations has begun anew. This article is an attempt to take that inquiry, or debate, and place it in the international context.

Corporate Social Responsibility Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept which is also known as corporate citizenship, corporate conscience or in a simple way a responsible business.

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