Adidas smoking campaign

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Adidas smoking campaign

The Cleanest Estate Competition and the Cleanest Block Competition were launched by the government with the aim of elevating Launched on 1 October by then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yewthe month-long campaign aimed to make Singapore the cleanest and greenest city in the region by addressing the problem of inconsiderate littering.

Adidas smoking campaign

The campaign reached out to every stratum of society and sought to instil in Singaporeans the importance of keeping public places clean.

It was part of a larger public cleaning plan that included changes in public-health laws, relocation and licensing of itinerant hawkersdevelopment of proper sewage systems, and disease control.

The government believed that improved environmental conditions would not only enhance the quality of life for Singaporeans and cultivate national pride, but also attract Adidas smoking campaign investors and tourists to Singapore.

One of the earliest was the Keep Your City Clean campaign, an anti-littering initiative organised by the City Council in Over 1, community leaders attended the event. Explaining the rationale of the campaign in his opening speech on 1 OctoberLee stated that cleaner communities would lead to a more pleasant life and keep morale high and sickness rate low, thus creating the necessary social conditions for higher economic growth through industry and tourism.

Lee noted that if Singaporeans wanted to keep their communities clean, they had to raise their personal and public standards of hygiene.

He urged Singaporeans to be more conscious and thoughtful about their actions, but added that the government would not hesitate to impose penalties on litterbugs if needed.

Mini-posters, stick-up strips, leaflets, pamphlets and car-bumper stickers were also distributed.

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These included talks and lectures by health officials, inspections and spot checks by government officials, as well as house visits, rallies, exhibitions and estate cleaning exercises by grassroots organisations. Competitions for the cleanest offices, shops, restaurants, markets, factories, government buildings, schools and public vehicles were also conducted.

The results of these competitions were announced publicly, highlighting both the cleanest and the dirtiest. Film clips and photographs of dirty premises or people caught in the act of littering were also shown in the mass media. The police, special constabulary and public health inspectorate sent officers on patrol to advise members of the public against littering.

Teachers and other officials were roped in to remind students not to litter. Clean campaigns through the years As the inaugural Keep Singapore Clean campaign had been deemed a success, the programme continued yearly.

The government also introduced various environmental campaigns to supplement the main campaign.

Here are the Top 10 Best Marketing Campaigns for 2016:

The new annual programme adopted a more holistic approach in generating greater community awareness and participation in caring for the environment.

Keep Your City Clean12 Gerakkan Pembersehan Bandar Raya Singapura13 Keep Our State Clean16 Help Keep Our City Clean17 Keep Your Beach Clean18 Keep Singapore Clean and Mosquito Free21 Keep Singapore Clean and Pollution Free22 Tree Planting campaign23 Keep Our Water Clean24 Use Your Hands25 Keep Your Factory Clean26 Adidas released a new ad for their Predator cleats, which features French soccer player Paul Pogba.

The ad is Paul's face with "Predator" at the bottom -- there are no shoes in the ad. "Impossible is Nothing" is adidas' biggest brand advertising campaign in six years. The campaign, which integrates television, print and outdoor advertising, point-of-sale and Internet, starts in the US today and will be launched in Europe on March impossible is nothing.

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% cotton rib and collar. Essay on Adidas Smoking Campaign Words | 5 Pages. Sajid Azad 01/31/13 English Instructor: Valerie Fox Impossible is Nothing Adidas’s latest anti-smoking campaign features three cigarette butts layed out in a white background in the style of its logo, which includes their motto “impossible is nothing”.

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